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  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment Mobile Solutions

    Industrial Machinery and Equipment Mobile Solutions

Achieve Complete Visibility and Control in Your Supply Chain
with RFgen Mobile Solutions for the Industrial Machinery and Equipment Industry

Manufacturers of industrial equipment and machinery need tight control over the supply chain. Parts are expensive, complex and require a lengthy lead time to order. Quality control is critical. Any defective part could cause an interruption or delay in manufacturing. RFgen Mobile Solutions for the Industrial Machinery and Equipment Industry delivers real-time visibility to your inventory of parts and provides greater efficiency in the warehouse and on the manufacturing floor.

RFgen mobile solutions are developed and supported by a team of supply chain experts experienced in implementing mobile solutions for many industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers. With RFgen mobile solutions, you can:

  • Turn orders around more quickly by using wireless devices to collect information and streamline receiving, putaway, picking and shipping in your warehouses.
  • Gain real-time visibility into your supply chain, so you know the status and location of critical parts within the cycle.
  • Update back-end systems in real-time with validated integrations to SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, and other back-office enterprise systems.
  • Ensure the quality of parts by building quality control checks and procedures into your automated receiving process.
  • Increase data accuracy throughout the manufacturing process by eliminating manual, paper-based processes in favor of barcodes, RFID, and mobile data collection.
  • Keep track of fixed assets and know the availability and location of tools and equipment.
  • Integrate industrial machinery, scales, scanners, RFID and other automated equipment with your ERP for a complete picture of your factory or warehouse floor operations.

Get Real-time Accurate Visibility into Your Parts Inventory

Streamline parts inventory management to reduce cost, speed up manufacturing and optimize warehouse space. RFgen Inventory Management software mitigates supply chain risk and enables manufacturers to tighten down the supply chain with confidence. Gain real-time, accurate visibility into your parts inventory. Order exactly what’s needed, in a timely fashion, to minimize inventory and storage costs while ensuring a smooth manufacturing process.

Streamline Warehouse Operations and Control Costs

Optimize your warehouse with RFgen Warehouse Director to control costs and maximize productivity. Using RFgen with mobile devices (barcoding or RFID) drives significant gains in the efficiency of receiving, putaway, transfers, picking and shipping. RFgen streamlines your warehouse with advanced picking methodologies and routes. It optimizes the location of parts and finished goods to maximize the use of warehouse space and increase worker efficiency.

Unlike a rigid, full-blown warehouse management system (WMS), RFgen Warehouse Director can be implemented in phases, optimizing a single process at a time or as many as you prefer. This minimizes the impact to manufacturing operations because you never have to be “down” for an IT rollout.

RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solutions supports voice-enabled operations, resulting in as much as 99.99% picking accuracy and up to 35% greater employee productivity in the warehouse.

Among many use cases, industrial manufacturing customers have used RFgen mobile data collection solutions to:

  • Increase speed and efficiency in warehouse operations, for example, saving 5 hours per day for a receiving clerk and performing PO receipts 94% faster.
  • Continue working at full speed when the ERP system is unavailable using handheld scanners with RFgen in “high availability” mode.
  • Implement a rigorous quality control process during receiving, so that defective parts don’t interrupt the manufacturing process later.

Integrate Your Aftermarket Parts and Service Business

Your company produces high-quality machinery and equipment and stands behind these products, ready to deliver parts and services for optimal maintenance. RFgen can provide real-time visibility into parts inventory for this important area of your business. Your entire operation can share information to help plan purchases and manage inventory more effectively.

If your company also offers on-site support to customers, RFgen can help field engineers fill out work orders, request parts and update inventory from mobile devices. With RFgen Field Service software, technicians can consult technical documentation and schematics as well as collect customer signatures in the field, keeping the ERP system up to date for faster, accurate billing and an exceptional customer experience.


RFgen’s expertise in supply chain mobility and warehouse automation is complemented by a deep understanding of the continuing issues and concerns facing supply chain and IT professionals today. Below are resources to help you in your search for a mobile data collection solution.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Some of our managers and users were skeptical at first. When they were able to see the RFgen software in action and see how smooth it was, they were smiling. Now receiving flows from beginning to end. The RFgen solution reduced errors, streamlined processes, generated accurate inventory, and improved our ability to ship product on time and under budget.”

Eric Van Leeuwen
Sr. Manufacturing Engineer | Lakeside Manufacturing

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