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RFgen extended Parson’s ERP inventory capabilities to mobile devices. Other manufacturers and companies in aerospace and defense can easily track and control any type of inventory in real time, no matter where your people work.



Parsons Corporation delivers innovative solutions focused on the defense, intelligence and critical infrastructure markets, specializing in designing and delivering disruptive technology with capabilities across cybersecurity, missile defense, space, connected infrastructure and smart cities.

In order to maintain complete visibility over inventory at all stages, and to guarantee compliance with government contracts, Parsons needed to overhaul outdated manual processes and equip its teams with the most advanced enterprise mobility software.

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Parsons Corporation provides support for a wide range of services to federal, regional and local governmental agencies, as well as to private industry. This includes packaging and shipping supplies for various projects worldwide. To support this, Parsons needs to maintain complete end-to-end visibility over its inventory, even as it works with third-party logistics vendors, and needs to transact inventory movements against its Deltek Costpoint ERP in real time.

In order to ensure unparalleled inventory accuracy, Parsons Corporation implemented RFgen Mobile Foundations for Deltek Costpoint—a suite of dozens of pre-written, pre-tested data collection mobile applications for automating and accelerating supply chain logistics. RFgen is a Deltek Platinum Partner, and RFgen Mobile Foundations provides superior traceability for Parsons Corporation through bi-directional information exchange with Costpoint’s Inventory Management and Tracking Module. RFgen also custom developed a number of mobile applications to fit Parson’s unique workflow requirements.

Parsons implemented RFgen applications across purchase order receiving, inventory management and manufacturing management. They also further increased efficiency with RFgen’s License Plating solution.

With the RFgen purchase order receiving app suite, Parsons can purchase items by issuing a Purchase Order. Then, the company’s suppliers affix DataMatrix 2D barcodes on the items before shipping. DataMatrix is the mandatory standard required by the Department of Defense (DoD) when tracking certain assets of importance.

Parson’s third-party logistics teams use the RFgen License Plating Solution when assembling items to ship. License Plating is a way to simplify and accelerate inventory movements by letting users intelligently manage a group of items—a pallet, product carton, ocean container, and more—as a single unit. Each container, or License Plate, is then assigned a unique License Plate Number (LPN) and affixed with a barcode or RFID tag. When ‘cubing’ the pallet, each item is scanned and placed on the pallet. The License Plate database is updated as the user scans.

Parsons and its third-party logistics team also use RFgen to receive items from the License Plate and issue them to use at its multitude of worldwide projects. For example, employees scan each container with barcode scanners to transact against the ERP and confirm the arrival of each container. When a contractor requests material from Parsons, an employee can use the Container Inquiry app to locate the items needed before retrieving it. Items are issued to contractors using the Issue to Project transaction, where a user scans or enters a Parsons barcode for an item or enter a pallet ID or a container ID, depending on what is being issued.

Parsons has been extremely pleased with the boosts in efficiency and accuracy realized with RFgen, and with how easily customizable the solution is to tailor to meet their complex needs.

RFgen Mobile Apps

RFgen provides built-in best practices for supply chain processes and unprecedented reliability with mobile apps for your existing tech stack. Use ERP-validated, pre-written, pre-tested mobile apps with out-of-the-box logic or tailor to your workflows. Built on mobile barcoding technology, RFgen enables real-time, two-way data with ERPs using an easy codebase.

Certified Integration

Certified integration for SAP, Oracle and Deltek Costpoint. Partnerships: SAP Silver, Oracle Gold, Deltek Premier. Decades of ERP integrations.

All ERP Integrations

Zero Footprint

No impact to ERP environment and no additional database. One platform connects to multiple ERPs. Ideal for upgrades and cloud migration.

Pre-Built Mobile Apps

Includes suites of open source mobile supply chain apps already written, tested and validated for major ERPs. Tailor to fit or use out of the box.

Easy to Customize

Fast Mobile App Building

Easily develop, iterate and deploy mobile supply chain apps. Save time and money developing in-house using low code drag-n-drop and easy codebase

Ends re-keying data

Easy to Manage

Manage, deploy and support remotely. Device agnostic software runs mobile apps on Android, iOS and Windows. Leverages existing ERP security.

Validated ERP Integration

All-in-One Ecosystem

Total ERP mobility solution. Software, hardware and services all in one place. Deliver low TCO and rapid ROI to your department.


Offline Mobility

Industry’s best off-network mobility and data collection solutions to keep operations running 365/24/7. Flexible options for batch mode, thin client, high availability and more.


License Plating

Scale barcode scanning with LPs. Intelligently manage groups of items with single barcode for maximum efficiency gains. LP groups of other LPs.

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Voice Picking

Voice-enable your team with hands-free, eyes-free data collection using RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solutions to boost productivity 25% in high-volume scenarios.

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Validated integrations for major ERPs, multi-ERP and multi-tier ERP scenarios. On-prem, cloud or hybrid.



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Achieve world-class visibility with mobile barcoding technology.

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