Can't Find Your Inventory?

Parsons can. They modernized their inventory data collection to gain real-time, end-to-end inventory visibility and control for manufacturing.

How Do They Do It?

Parsons uses digital automation in the form of mobile apps and mobile barcoding data collection to create true inventory transparency.

RFgen empowers this Parsons Corporation company with live material visibility, management and cost savings in production, manufacturing and warehousing.

Parsons can view and control their inventory throughout production in real time.


All RFgen Clients

 When we bill for a project, we have 100% traceability of each part installed on each vehicle. 

Cathy Henry
Director of IT Operations, VSE

Flexible, scalable solutions for inventory visibility and control.

Modernize outdated inventory practices with real-time mobile inventory and barcoding. Aerospace and Defense and manufacturing is slow to adapt to changing technology. Those companies that take the lead in digital transformation position themselves to leap ahead of the competition.

What can RFgen mobile barcoding do for you?


Are you ready to take the lead?

RFgen can help you simplify, digitize and automate inventory workflows to take a competitive lead. Don't let your competitors get ahead of you.