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RFgen extended Mitsubishi Climate Control’s ERP inventory capabilities to mobile devices with data collection and barcoding. They can easily track and control any type of inventory in real time, no matter where their people work.


Mitsubishi Climate Control (MCC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD, faced a growing need for recording and referencing vendor-supplied components in its supply chain.

Employees used paper-based methods to gather and input inventory data into the Oracle’s JD Edwards ERP. But these processes lacked the timeliness and accuracy needed to meet expanding track and trace requirements for lot-controlled inventory.

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The Challenge

MCC needed a way to ensure the data it was using was correct. Because its inventory consists of small parts, such as nuts, bolts and couplings, the company also had difficulty locating inventory in a timely manner—if at all—and inefficiently transferring inventory between manufacturing, WIP and production.

To meet traceability requirements, employees also needed a dependable method to carefully track components upon receipt from vendors, through movements in the warehouse, continuing into production and finally as finished goods shipped to Mitsubishi customers. MCC managers and customer service also needed to be able to quickly identify vendor lot numbers for a finished product’s serial number in order to provide better service and manage vendors

The Solution

Mitsubishi small part inventoryMCC selected RFgen Mobile Foundations for Oracle’s JD Edwards. RFgen is an Oracle-validated solution combining enterprise mobility with mobile barcoding to eliminate manual, paper-based data entry and streamline inventory management and manufacturing production. The solution comes equipped with dozens of pre-written and pre-tested mobile apps for JD Edwards, enabling real-time, bi-directional information exchange from mobile devices. With its low code, user-friendly interface, MCC can easily reconfigure standard JD Edwards workflows to match their specific process needs. RFgen deploys quickly and is easy to use on handheld devices, including barcode scanners and tablets

The Outcome

With RFgen, MCC gained the inventory accuracy they needed to achieve lot control requirements. They also implemented License Plating for an additional efficiency boost.

MCC uses mobile barcoding to capture data at receiving and at each subsequent touchpoint for lot-controlled inventory. This results in improved transactional speed and accuracy in the material handling process. Now, MCC uses RFgen to complete work orders, receive components and pull scrap and report it. To enforce JD Edwards’ lot-controlled FIFO rules, employees use RFgen to validate that the lot code is the oldest in the warehouse. If it is not, the mobile device UI prompts the end user to with the oldest lot to use and scan to transact against the ERP. This process is replicated across inventory transfers, WIP staging and when scanning to the production line.

To facilitate more efficient inventory transfers of small parts, MCC also added the RFgen License Plating solution. The RFgen License Plating solution groups inventory into containers, using bulk barcodes (license plates), that can easily be moved within the warehouse or consumed during production.

Because of its successful implementation at Mitsubishi Climate Control, RFgen Software has been adapted to meet the needs of its sister companies, including Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers.

Who is RFgen?

RFgen Software is a leader in digital supply chain transformation with decades of experience mobilizing ERPs worldwide. Hundreds of enterprise customers use RFgen to digitize, automate and accelerate their energy supply chain operations. If you mine, refine, make, maintain, use or distribute inventory, then RFgen can help.


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Mobilize ERP inventory systems with built-in barcoding and data collection.


Eliminate manual paper processes with digital automation.


Drive accuracy, productivity and performance.

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Benefits of Mobile Barcoding


Achieve world-class visibility with mobile barcoding technology.

Accelerates transactions

Digital automation eliminates slow paper processes and spreadsheets.


Mobilize transactions to wherever your people work.


Easy to learn and use with intuitive interface and simple forms.

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Includes suites of open source mobile supply chain apps already written, tested and validated for ERP. Tailor to fit or use out of the box.

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Scale barcode scanning with LPs. Intelligently manage groups of items with a single barcode for maximum efficiency gains. LP groups of other LPs. Read More »

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Voice-enable your team with hands-free, eyes-free data collection using RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solutions to boost productivity 25% in high-volume scenarios.

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RFgen Mobile Development Studio is the premier low code platform for creating mobile apps for the aerospace and defense supply chain. Accelerate developer productivity with tools that enable rapid, real-time validations and throughput. Build on out-of-the-box logic or make and modify your own.

Augment your teams with easy mobile app development.

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