Can't Find Your Inventory?

RFgen extends your ERP inventory capabilities to mobile devices. Companies in food, feed and beverage can easily track and control any type of inventory in real time from field to fork, no matter where your people work.

Most Companies Can't Respond to a Recall with Manual Processes.

Are you one of them?

Feed, food and beverage companies must be able to track and trace products through the supply chain to respond quickly to audits or recalls or face potentially devastating consequences.

Mobile inventory solutions architected for food, feed and beverage can create farm-to-fork traceability, reduce overhead, and increase control, throughput and efficiency for distribution, manufacturing and maintenance.

RFgen helps companies in food, feed and beverage gain inventory visibility and control.

 The RFgen system is quicker and much more customizable. It enables us to be very effective, efficient and flexible. There's no way we could collect so much data without the RFgen system. 

Jim Kruse
Board Secretary and Controller, Blue Bell Creameries

Flexible, scalable solutions for inventory visibility and control.

Modernize outdated inventory practices with real-time mobile inventory and barcoding. The food and beverage industry is slow to adapt to changing technology. Those companies that take the lead in digital transformation position themselves to leap ahead of the competition.

What can RFgen mobile barcoding do for you?


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RFgen can help you simplify, digitize and automate inventory workflows to take a competitive lead in food and beverage. Don't let your competitors get ahead of you.