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RFgen extends your ERP inventory capabilities to mobile devices. Energy makers can easily track and control any type of inventory or assets in real time across your enterprise, no matter where your people work.

Energy Companies are Making Mobility a Top Priority

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As global energy habits change, leaders in energy and environmental services are turning to mobile technology to eliminate wasted spends and increase profitability. Mobile inventory solutions architected for energy sector challenges can reduce overhead and increase visibility, uptime and control, even for enterprises with global footprints and extensive field operations.

RFgen helps energy makers and environmental organziations control costs and inventory.

 RFgen is one of the applications where we can achieve extremely high return on investment. It is extremely simple to use, it helps reduce data entry errors, and it provides very high transparency in the system. It is so scalable that you can implement this product on any process. 

Project Manager
Project Manager, California Utility Company

Flexible, scalable solutions for inventory visibility and control.

Modernize outdated inventory practices with real-time mobile inventory and barcoding. The energy sector is slow to adapt to changing technology. Those companies that take the lead in digital transformation position themselves to leap ahead of the competition.

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RFgen can help you simplify, digitize and automate inventory workflows to take a competitive lead in the energy sector. Don't let your competitors get ahead of you.