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Other Reynolds divisions are already using RFgen to create real-time, end-to-end inventory visibility and control for warehousing and manufacturing.

 What RFgen was able to provide for us—within our budget—was far beyond what anybody else that we spoke with was able to offer. RFgen was so easy and self-explanatory. 

Chris Eakin
Warehouse Supervisor, TMEIC

THE STORY: Closure Systems International (CSI)

CSI modernized their inventory control using RFgen.

Closure Systems International (CSI), a division of Reynolds Holding Group, manufactures the equipment that seals 75 billion bottles worldwide each year. But the company's aging technologies were becoming increasingly inefficient.

With so many facilities spread across the globe, CSI needed to maintain high levels of operational efficiency to stay ahead of the competition. This included using technology to reduce overhead costs associated with inventory handling and labor.

The Challenge: Outdated Technology Systems

Because plastic bottles don’t stack completely flat on pallets and require considerable space to pack, store and ship, CSI locates their manufacturing facilities near the sites of major beverage providers to minimize shipping distance and cost. Confronted with narrow margins due widepsread infrastructure and supply chain pressures, CSI elected to modernize and streamline their operations, starting with upgrading their Oracle® E-Business Suite ERP system to the latest release. However, their legacy automated data collection (ADC) system was not compatible with newer versions of Oracle® EBS. CSI needed an alternative that replaced their aging ADC technology while also extending ERP capabilities with real-time inventory mobility.

The Solution: Mobile Inventory & Data Collection

After researching and evaluating new mobile data collection solutions, CSI selected RFgen Mobile Foundations for Oracle® E-Business Suite. RFgen is a powerful, flexible solution that automates data collection with mobile barcoding and extends ERP inventory control onto purpose-built enterprise mobile devices, enabling two-way, real-time information exchange between barcode scanners, tablets, mobile computing devices, IoT and IIoT devices, and Oracle® E-Business Suite. RFgen provides validated integration with  Oracle®, does not install on the Oracle® server, leaving zero footprint on the environment, and integrates with MES platforms and other business systems.

RFgen helps CSI transact inventory for:

  • Receiving with direct, standard or inspection routing
  • Putaway of materials using forklifts running 24/7
  • Scrap items that automatically notifies production
  • Lot and subinventory control
  • Finished goods, pick-to-ship and ship confirmation
  • Visual putaway with backflush for truck-loaded items
  • Truck transfers and smart transfers to reserve or unreserve
  • Fast load truck validation against Oracle®
  • Preventative maintenance records access via mobile device

The Outcome: Real-Time Inventory

Using RFgen, the CSI team mobilized crucial inventory, warehouse and manufacturing inventory processes with near-perfect data accuracy, even in large and complex environments.

RFgen also helped CSI gain efficiency, flexibility and control by:

  • Replacing legacy mobile data collection technology to facilitate 21st century manufacturing
  • Automating data collection for maximum inventory accuracy, visibility and control
  • Extending ERP data onto enterprise mobile devices for workers
  • Enabling real-time mobile inventory transactions against EBS at point-of-work
  • Validated inventory transactions and truck loading

Leap Ahead of the Competition with RFgen

What CSI accomplished with RFgen only utilizes a fraction of the solution’s potential. Join hundreds of businesses in your industry already using RFgen to become leaders in their market space. With RFgen, you can:


Run lean, efficient operations


Simplify complex inventory processes


Augment workforce productivity



Expand narrow supply chain margins


Reduce overhead, release capital


Surmount 21st century challenges

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Fully Integrated Workflows

Track, manage, and optimize inventory processes inside and outside the four walls with real-time mobile inventory control that integrates with your other software systems.
Validated Integration
Our software is officially validated for version R12 with support available for version 11i. We are an Oracle Gold Partner, and our team has worked with Oracle for decades.
Zero Footprint
RFgen Mobile Foundations doesn't install on your server or impact your environment. It is version independent, so doesn't hamper upgrades.
Mobile Apps Included
To get you up and running fast, RFgen has out-of-the-box, pre-written, and pre-tested mobile apps.
Maximizes traceability
RFgen can help you achieve real-time visibility into your inventory, enabling you to run a more efficient business. Effectively manage raw, work-in-progress (WIP) and finished inventory with real-time stock levels. Track ingredients and parts by lot, serial, batch, Country of Origin (COO).
Ends re-keying data
Eliminate the need to re-key data. Enable real-time information exchange between barcode scanners, tablets, mobile computing devices and your system.
Accelerates transactions
Automate transactions for inventory, purchasing, manufacturing, maintenance, and more. For example, combine our PO Receipt and Backorder Release mobile apps so users can execute both at once.

How can we help you?

Get advice on your best options, relevant case studies, details on our software, and more.