Inventory Control is Evolving.

RFgen extends your ERP inventory capabilities to mobile devices. Companies in aerospace, aviation and defense can easily track and control any type of inventory in real time across your operation, no matter where your people work.

Modernizing Inventory Processes is a Top Priority for Manufacturers.

Are you one of them?

Being able to trace parts and components through the supply chain is mission-critical for security and compliance. Manual processes hide accurate inventory data and part origins. Combat inventory challenges with mobile inventory solutions architected for aerospace, aviation and defense. Reduce overhead, increase visibility, throughput and end-to-end traceability throughout production, MRO, maintenance and warehousing operations.

RFgen helps aerospace and defense companies gain transparency and control over any type of inventory.

 It's a huge time savings, and our users just love it. Even the project's biggest skeptic told me 'I love barcoding' after we deployed RFgen. 

Chris Lorentz
Business Systems Analyst, Insitu Inc.

Flexible, scalable solutions for inventory visibility and control.

Modernize outdated inventory practices with real-time mobile inventory and barcoding. The aerospace and defense industry is slow to adapt to changing technology, even as the need for traceability and scalability increases. Those companies that take the lead in digital transformation position themselves to leap ahead of the competition and win bigger contracts.

What can RFgen mobile barcoding do for you?


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RFgen can help you simplify, digitize and automate inventory workflows to take a competitive lead in aerospace and defense. Don't let your competitors get ahead of you.