The Mobile Data Collection Software Buyer's Guide

A guide to finding the right mobile data collection software solution to transform your digital supply chain.

The age of digital transformation brings sharply increased requirements for data collection, analysis, and usage to every type of organization. It’s no longer enough to know inventory totals at the end of each day. You need to understand how people, materials, and finished goods flow through your warehouse and manufacturing operations at every point in real-time. 

Automated, mobile data collection solutions help organizations capture digital supply chain data at every stage of operations, in all locations.

This buyer’s guide provides you with:

  • Eight tell-tale signs your organization is in need of automated mobile data collection.
  • Software Requirements Checklist containing a list of 22 questions to ask potential software vendors, enabling you conduct a head-to-head comparison of evaluated solutions.
  • The six things to look for in a data collection software vendor.

Are you armed with the information you need to make the right software decision? Download the buyer's guide and find out.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Testimonial Arquest"RFgen is the easiest software to use. We went from idea to reality in less than a week. Prior to RFgen, those ideas remained in fantasyland. It is easy to implement, it’s scalable and allows us to update our database in real time."

Kenny Frachiseur
Manager of Program & Development | Arquest Inc.

“RFgen has eliminated waste in data collection and improved information flow complementing our lean manufacturing initiative. It has provided transparency across the organization including efficiency, utilization, quality and late order alerts.”

David Kelly
Business Analyst | Madix