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Should I build a mobile data collection solution in-house, or buy it pre-built from a vendor?

Deciding between building a mobile data collection in-house or purchasing an out-of-the-box solution from a vendor is a weighty, and significant, decision. You have a talented IT team who knows what you want, but do you have a true understanding of the time and money it will take to see it through to Go-live and beyond?

Download our guide to learn about the advantages and disadvantages to each approach, as well common misconceptions about pre-built solutions.

Barcode Software

This guide’s key points include:

  • Reasons you may be drawn to building a mobile data collection solution in-house
  • Unforeseen challenges and drawbacks to building a homegrown solution
  • Overlooked advantages in purchasing a solution, including supply chain mobile apps and maintenance plans
  • How low code mobile app development gives you self-ownership over a purchased solution
  • Use case exemplifying the benefits of a pre-built solution equipped with low code mobile app development

Our hypercompetitive market means companies must adapt quickly to remain successful—or risk getting left behind. Today’s global pandemic has also placed further burden on IT departments as they work to support remote workforces.

Choosing the right mobile data collection solution for your company will have significant implications throughout your operations.

Download your free copy of our guide today for a deep dive into the critical build vs buy decision making process, so you can be confident you make the right choice.

This paper was written with the cooperation of RFgen supply chain professionals and more than three decades of experience in manufacturing and ERP.

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