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Warehouse Automation Solutions

Reduce cost and increase output without adding headcount

Warehouses are big targets for automation and optimization because they represent a major hub in your supply chain infrastructure. Businesses are asking warehouse managers to cut costs, improve throughput, increase accuracy—without more workers. Barcoding your inventory and arming workers with scanners may not be enough to achieve your goals.

Automate with mobile data collection

RFgen's mobile data collection and warehouse automation solutions maximize the efficiency of your workflows and can help you:
  • Increase throughput and raise the productivity of your employees with guided picking and optimized paths.
  • Transition to a paperless warehouse, eliminating latency and errors with manual data entry.
  • Prevent stock-outs and minimize safety stock.
  • Accelerate receiving by immediately routing items to ship (cross-docking) and kitting items together for faster movement.
  • Increase the accuracy of orders, leading to fewer costly returns.
  • Implement voice-picking for even greater accuracy and speed, as well as improved safety.
  • Incorporate data from automated warehouse equipment for a complete picture of your warehouse or factory floor.
  • Run your operations around the clock without disruption.

Empower your warehouse manager

Many warehouse managers work off a clipboard to determine priorities for orders, when to replenish an item and who should take which tasks. They rely on experience and estimates to know if they will complete the jobs slated for the day. When equipped with a mobile device running RFgen Warehouse Director, managers can track what jobs are left, who can do them, and predict if more resources are needed. They can set inventory thresholds to keep popular items stocked. And they can monitor worker productivity.

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Get WMS benefits at a fraction of the cost

Are you looking for a "lite" warehouse management system? RFgen’s straight-forward, easy-to-use warehouse automation solution can help you solve real-world challenges in your warehouse in a cost-effective way—without the complexity, expense and prolonged implementations typically associated with an advanced enterprise Warehouse Management System (WMS).

If your team still picks against a paper pick list, they may take a lot of extra walks around your warehouse and have difficulty enforcing first-in, first-out (FIFO) rules. Lack of automation also creates a higher risk of picking the wrong products. The RFgen Warehouse Director evaluates the best possible picking route by analyzing on hand inventory, FIFO rules, and warehouse location utilization. It delivers the automation needed to:

  • Save time with guided picking for less crisscross and back-tracking in the warehouse.
  • Divide large orders between multiple employees for faster picking.
  • Automatically split requests to multiple locations to fulfill an order—for example splitting between whole pallets and additional units required from picking bins.
  • Optimize inbound receiving for new items, so that fast-moving items are put away in preferred locations to maximize warehouse efficiency.
  • Send items to special locations based on characteristics—for example sending frozen items to a freezer or intact pallets to box storage.
  • Improve traceability and customer satisfaction with RFgen License Plating Solutions

With RFgen License Plating, you can intelligently manage a group of items as a single unit. This can improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations and streamline the transfer of inventory within your supply chain as well as to customers, retailers and partners.

Machine-to-machine automation

RFgen has unlimited connectivity to any type of warehouse equipment and machines and can direct the operation of and collect information from automated warehouse equipment in any state of the art manufacturing facility.

Some of the types of warehouse automation RFgen can direct for your ERP include:

  • Mobile devices
  • WinCE devices
  • Windows devices
  • Android devices
  • iOS devices
  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Scales
  • Carousels
  • Conveyors
  • Sorters
  • Robotic Forklifts
  • RFID Portals
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Inline Labelers
  • Pick-to-light Systems
  • Voice-Enable Your Warehouse With the RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solution

Everyone can speak faster than they can type. Operate your warehouse at the speed of voice using the RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solution for even faster receiving, put away, picking, and order assembly. It’s extremely intuitive and very accurate. Even if you are already operating a warehouse with paperless processes and barcode scanning, voice-enabled picking can add up to 25% greater productivity!

Off-network and high-availability distributed solutions

Sometimes network connectivity can be spotty within a warehouse or outside in the field. If you experience issues with employees stopping their work, or losing data, when they hit a mobile “dead spot,” consider RFgen Off-Network Mobility Solutions. Information is stored locally and automatically updated to the ERP when it’s available for seamless operations no matter the connection state.

RFgen High Availability Distributed Solutions allows employees to operate during ERP downtime or WAN outages and keeps remote warehouses and locations running non-stop. More than simple “store and forward” or batch operations, RFgen High Availability Distributed Solutions employs advanced techniques for 24-hour data collection. Failover and load balancing functionality is also available for improved performance and better protection against IT disasters.

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“From the time we installed RFgen many years ago until today, we’ve nearly tripled the volume of transactions, but the support required has not really changed.”
Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Rick Resto
CIO, Trident Seafoods


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