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ROI Calculator

Do you need to calculate the ROI of your mobile data collection project? This simple ROI calculator will walk you through a set of questions that in the end will deliver your expected return-on-investment.

Determine Your Project ROI in 3 Easy Steps...

The Mobile Data Collection Software ROI Calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could realize by implementing an RFgen barcode and mobile data collection software solution. Learn what your company could be saving in three easy steps.ROI-Calculator_pg01.JPG.png

Step 1: Download the ROI Calculator

Step 2: Input Your Data Values

    • Inventory Management
    • Productivity Increase
    • Picking Accuracy
    • Cycle Counting

Step 3: See Your ROI Results


Download the ROI Calculator and Get Free Consulting

Download the ROI Calculator now and we'll include FREE consulting from one of our mobile data collection experts to help you complete the profile and analyze the results so you are prepared to present your business case to management.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Crocs image

“Since the implementation of RFgen, Crocs Mexico improved delivery time by 50% from the raw materials warehouse to manufacturing.”

Rafael Garcia
IT Manager | Crocs, Inc.

Cobham image

“We had projected to hit ROI in eight months, and we did it in six months. That’s how efficient we became using RFgen. I'm a big advocate of RFgen.”

Tony Navarro
Shipping/Receiving Supervisor | Cobham Defense Electronics