How to Become DFARS Compliant and Avoid Counterfeit Parts in the Defense and Aerospace Supply Chain

Learn how to strengthen your systems and processes to prevent counterfeit electronic parts and stay compliant.

What you will learn in this white paper.

When lives are at stake and national security may depend upon the quality of a work product, there’s no place for counterfeit parts in the aerospace and defense supply chain. The final rule published at DFARS 252.246-7007 mandates that prime contractors and their subcontractors must establish a system for the detection and avoidance of counterfeit electronic parts.

In this white paper, we reveal:

  • How counterfeit electronic parts enter the supply chain.
  • DFARS final rule on counterfeit parts.
  • Eight supply chain factors contractors should consider.
  • Contractor strategies for mitigating counterfeit electronics risk.
  • Lessons from the food and beverage industry—field-to-fork traceability.
  • The benefits of automating traceability.
How can you become DFARS compliant?

Download the white paper now and find out.

DFARS Compliant Counterfiet Parts White Paper

Download the White Paper Now

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