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The Power of WMS Light: Scalable, Flexible and Reliable
RFgen is the low-cost "WMS Light" alternative to overcomplicated enterprise WMS platforms that require significant resources to implement and maintain.

  • Achieve enterprise WMS functionality without the hassle or expense
  • Maximize warehouse operations with unprecedented reliability
  • Fast to get up and running with out-of-the-box transactions
  • Easily tailored to meet unique or evolving needs
  • Scales to grow with your business

ERP Connectivity



Empower Your Warehouse with Automation
Drastically accelerate your productivity, efficiency and accuracy with integrated RFgen warehouse and inventory management automation.

  • Automate manual inventory and warehouse workflows
  • Enhance process efficiency, accuracy and speed
  • Achieve end-to-end warehouse visibility
  • Forecast demand, reduce safety stock, manage inventory in real time
  • Machine-to-machine automation to any equipment

 Increase Throughput, Not Headcount

Let RFgen take over the heavy lifting to help you create significant gains in critical warehouse processes with downstream benefits that positively impact your enterprise.

  • Run a leaner warehouse, increase throughput and cut costs
  • Maximize worker routes with directed picking, putaway and replenish
  • Track job progress and monitor worker productivity
  • Direct movements of materials throughout your warehouse
  • Achieve rapid ROI with long-term financial benefits

Warehouse Management Automation
Track, manage and optimize warehouse and inventory processes inside and outside the four walls with real-time mobile enablement that integrates seamlessly with your existing software systems.