About RFgen

Flexible, reliable mobile data collection & warehouse automation solutions for the enterprise.

35-year track record

35 Years. We are a privately-held company, founded in 1983 and headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California. We are a division of DataMAX Software Group.

3,000+ customers

From billion-dollar multinational conglomerates to manufacturers and distributors with under $100M in revenue, we have helped thousands of firms.

Top ERP partners

We are an Oracle Platinum Partner, SAP Gold Partner, Deltek Premier Partner, and Microsoft Dynamics Premier Partner. We can configure on general connectivity or custom-programmed systems. 

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Trusted by leading brands

Empower your warehouse team

Many warehouse managers work off a clipboard to determine priorities for orders, when to replenish an item and who should take which tasks. They rely on experience and estimates to know if they will complete the jobs slated for the day. When equipped with a mobile device running RFgen Warehouse Director, managers can track what jobs are left, who can do them, and predict if more resources are needed. They can set inventory thresholds to keep popular items stocked. And they can monitor worker productivity.

Benefits at a fraction of the cost

Expect tangible benefits within months and value for years to come.

Are you looking for a "lite" warehouse management system? RFgen’s straight-forward, easy-to-use warehouse automation solution can help you solve real-world challenges in your warehouse in a cost-effective way—without the complexity, expense and prolonged implementations typically associated with an advanced enterprise Warehouse Management System (WMS). Read More 


Off-network and high-availability distributed solutions

Allow employees to operate during ERP downtime or WAN outages and keep remote warehouses and locations running non-stop

Sometimes network connectivity can be spotty within a warehouse or outside in the field. If you experience issues with employees stopping their work, or losing data, when they hit a mobile “dead spot,” consider RFgen Off-Network Mobility Solutions. Information is stored locally and automatically updated to the ERP when it’s available for seamless operations no matter the connection state. Read More

RFgen is an all-in-one solution

Our name does say "software", but we offer much more



We offer an industry-leading mobile data collection platform with pre-validated integration to your ERP, plus hundreds of pre-written apps.



RFgen provides expert consulting, training, and support to customers. All professional services and support is included in your maintenance plan.



From mobile computers to barcode and RFID devices to printers and barcode labels, RFgen can provide you with the right hardware and devices.