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It's time to untether.
Enterprise mobility is here. 


Automating your operations with mobile data collection and barcoding software is the key to exponential productivity and accuracy gains.

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Automate Your Data Collection
RFgen automated mobile data collection with barcoding simplifies, streamlines and accelerates operations across your enterprise

  • Eliminate manual data entry and human error
  • Improve process efficiency, accuracy and speed
  • Integrate with your ERP and unify data systems
  • Scalable across your enterprise, anywhere in the world

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Improve Your Bottom Line
Leave paper behind with a powerful barcoding solution that helps you cut overhead costs and unlock new levels of business performance.

  • Increase employee productivity, not headcount
  • Leverage real-time data to grow your business
  • Achieve rapid ROI with long-term financial benefits
  • Enhance business agility and decision making


Empower Your Workforce
Untether your workers from fixed workstations, freeing them to go mobile with handheld wireless devices and real-time data collection using barcodes.

  • Replace paper checklists and spreadsheets
  • Free workers to be mobile and flexible
  • Simplify warehouse and inventory management
  • Easy to learn, fast and accurate to use


Gain Flexibility with Enterprise Mobility
RFgen barcoding solutions use purpose-built, enterprise-optimized business devices with software that integrates with pre-existing barcode software and legacy systems—maximizing productivity, flexibility and visibility in virtually any industry.