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Manage Assets with Ease
Leave old-fashioned paper lists and spreadsheets behind with a powerful solution that enables you to simplify and streamline asset management across your enterprise.

  • Track your assets in real-time across your enterprise with a high level of accuracy
  • Know exactly what you own and where your assets are at any time
  • Creating new assets in your ERP is fast and easy
  • Eliminate manual data entry and human errors 
  • Enhance process efficiency, accuracy and speed
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Improve Your Bottom Line
Digital real-time technology that uses barcoding and mobile devices helps you cut overhead costs and unlock new levels of business performance.

  • Spend less time tracking assets, eliminate over-ordering and achieve rapid ROI
  • Reduce costs associated with property tax assessments and insurance premiums
  • Inform decisions that grow the business
  • Scalable across your enterprise

Empower Your Workforce

Free your workers from manual asset tracking using handheld wireless devices and barcoding on-the-go.

  • Replace paper checklists, spreadsheets and opaque asset data
  • Simplify preventative maintenance and fixed asset purchases
  • Raise employee productivity without increasing headcount
  • Easy to learn, fast and accurate to use
  • Rapid onboarding for seasonal employees


Get More out of Your Fixed Assets
RFgen's Asset Management Software enables your enterprise to maximize your asset uptime and utilization, ensuring availability to future projects. Become more proactive in managing your fixed assets and shed lost, stolen, broken or disposed assets using RFgen.