Defense Manufacturer Uses Deltek Costpoint and Barcoding to Position for Growth in 2016

Michael Clark
Tue, Jan 26, 2016
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Building unmanned drones takes advanced data collection solutions.

The global aerospace and defense industry is expected to grow in 2016, but not without challenges. A recent Deloitte report predicted total sector revenues should increase by 3 percent in 2016. This growth is prompted by a strong consumer market and a return to defense budget investments.

Commercial aerospace has seen consistent growth over the last 10 years. People love to travel and low oil prices have helped commercial plane manufacturing enterprises. On the other hand, the defense side of the sector has only recently begun to turn around. From 2012 to 2015, defense industry growth declined due to decreases in the U.S. defense subsector.

Defense budgets around the world - including the U.S. - are increasing. Other factors such as low oil prices and stable growth of global gross domestic product provide manufacturers with an opportunity to crank up their operations.

The Deloitte report suggested companies that wish to take advantage of the current upturn need strategies to grow profitability by cutting costs and improving manufacturing efficiency.

An Automated Data Collection Solution for Unmanned Aircrafts

Insitu Inc. is an independent subsidiary of the Boeing Company that specializes in manufacturing unmanned aircraft systems. The company's products are used by defense, commercial and civilian clients around the world.

According to an RFgen customer case study, when the company faced rapid growth, it realized it needed a new solution for manufacturing and inventory management. Insitu implemented RFgen Mobile Foundations for Deltek Costpoint to create a centralized solution for information infrastructure. Unlike other ERP solutions, Deltek Costpoint is specifically designed for project-based companies. It is the preferred option for numerous government contractors and other manufacturing companies to perform project accounting, track activities and create budgets and plans

As transaction volume in Insitu's warehouses increased, the company found its existing barcode software couldn't integrate with its Deltek Costpoint solution. Decision-makers reached out to RFgen to find new mobile data collection software solutions to create accurate inventory counts, process receiving transactions and simplify warehouse worker activities so they can keep up with growth.

Prioritizing Accuracy, Speed and Convenience

By working with RFgen, Insitu implemented data collection solutions that achieved the improved efficiency the company needed.

Employees using barcode scanners can report the exact location of manufacturing supplies so projects are planned with complete visibility. Warehouse workers shortened picking paths by observing past data and real-time information. New automated data collection solutions sped up sales order processing by allowing the organization to easily print its own barcode labels much faster than before. Employees could use, move or swap inventory and the company would retain oversight thanks to integrated mobile data collection devices.

After implementation of an RFgen designed system, Insitu streamlined its manufacturing and warehouse management procedures. RFgen provides customized data collection solutions for all of its clients and it has a long history of partnering with organizations in aerospace and defense.

Ready for the Future of the Industry

All aerospace and defense contractors should be ready to benefit from the 2016 market. This means making sure internal infrastructure can keep up with growth and implement innovative solutions. Military & Aerospace Electronics reported many aerospace and defense manufacturers utilize proven barcode software solutions in conjunction with new technology like voice picking and wearable computing devices.

Being unable to keep up with improving technology is a sure sign companies may want to reevaluate information processes, according to the RFgen white paper "The Data Collection Software Buyer's Guide." When warehouse employees voice obstacles or current data collection procedures demonstrate inefficiencies, organizations should locate a partner that offers the latest solutions to modern challenges. If 2016 offers opportunities, then contractors can't let old ideas hold them back.

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