Key Success Factor to an Omnichannel Model

Dustin Caudell
Wed, Jan 7, 2015

Companies are beginning to ship directly from the back room at many locations in an effort to capture the omnichannel market, DC Velocity reported. Omnichannel means being able to make the shipping experience the same whether someone orders online, from a store or via a meeting with someone in sales. The trick behind the ability to offer this service is a fine mastery of the warehouse and the back room.

One problem with this is that many back rooms aren't as well-organized as they ought to be. A proper back room should offer the same ability to move out a product as a distribution center, but very few companies can offer this right now, and that means that shipping from a warehouse is often the option taken rather than sending it out from the store, even if the store is closer to the destination being shipped to.

Companies are becoming more competitive about supply chains than ever before. Amazon Prime, which offers free two-day shipping for a yearly fee, is growing. According to Multi-Channel Merchant,  Amazon signed up 10 million new members to its service over the holiday season, which is a major expansion for the company. Companies that want to keep up with Amazon will have to organize their logistics better so as to more effectively compete in the shipping trade.

Making the Supply Chain Transparent
Free, two-day shipping is quickly becoming the norm because of Amazon. Many companies would be able to offer this if their supply chains ran more smoothly. One way to ensure a good supply chain is to keep track of the packages coming into and out of a warehouse, distribution center or even the back office of a store. Mobile data collection is the best way to offer this level of transparency. Workers can use barcode scanners to input data and then have it stored in a central computer that monitors the contents of stores across the state or country. When an order goes out, whatever is closer, no matter if it's a distribution center or a stock room, the package will be sent out from there. Next, it will be tracked with its barcode once again, ensuring timely delivery and maximum supply chain visibility.

Companies that use a website for much of their sales can also benefit from the omnichannel way of sending out packages by setting up the website to link with the data about where various objects are located. This way, things can always be sent from the right place.

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