2014 A Good Year to Invest in New Manufacturing Technology

Michael Clark
Thu, Feb 20, 2014

Spending on manufacturing technologies were up to finish 2013, despite being down for the overall year. The Association for Manufacturing Technology reported the sector saw a 9.9 percent increase in sales in November and 11.8 percent in December, according to Monitor Daily. The numbers suggest the sector will start 2014 on a positive note and are a good sign for the manufacturing industry as a whole.

Aging technology and low interest rates are making it a prime time to invest in new capital as manufacturers expect to see favorable momentum entering 2014, Douglas Woods, AMT president, explained, Monitor Daily stated. The industry should see continued growth and is willing to invest in the technology to keep up.

Distribution centers with ties to the manufacturing industry should also experience increased business in the next year, as will those that are involved in e-commerce. While increase demand is good news, it puts a lot of pressure on organizations. For distributors and manufacturers, the need for capital investments to keep the facility running at full capacity will be a must.

Increased Demand Calls For Improved Data Collection Software
Manufacturers expecting a strong year should consider updating their data collection systems with cost-effective mobile and automated solutions. While affordable to implement, automated data collection systems also reduce costs to manufacturers and distribution warehouses by reducing the time and resources spent on logging information.

Automated data collection also improves the accuracy of work in the facility, and real-time collection allows for a clearer picture of operations. As demand increases, supply chain managers will want to remain one step ahead by preparing for changes with the most up-to-date information. Mobile data collection can also provide more insight into the efficiency of suppliers and distributors. With a relatively small investment in new technology, companies can look to 2014 with confidence instead of worry.

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