Studies Show Mobile Data Collection Increases Productivity in the Warehouse

Dustin Caudell
Wed, Feb 12, 2014

Improving productivity at a company requires strong communication, employee engagement and tools that help streamline decision-making and other processes. Some improvements require investment in new products and services, while others are born out of changes to the culture of the company.

Depending on the employee and their role in the company, engagement will come in different forms. For some, it may mean performance-based bonuses, or a plan to help a worker gain responsibility within the company. For other employees, engagement may rely merely in providing them the right tools for success and the chance to focus on the more important aspects of their job.

 A study by human resources firm Randstad found that only 72 percent of employees agreed with the statement that they felt inspired to do their best at work, while employers believe 81 percent of workers agree with the statement. The disparity suggests that for many firms, processes and employee programs are not on par with the expectations of those who work at the company.

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In The Supply Chain, Mobile Data Collection Improves Employee Productivity

Workers in the supply chain can benefit greatly from improved data collection tools that would help better track their performance and cut down on time wasted performing mundane tasks. Mobile data collection is often a task of employees who also have other jobs inside of the warehouse. In many ways, it may feel like a task that merely reduces their ability to perform their role to the best of their abilities.

With paper-based systems, employees must waste a lot of time logging and retrieving data, much of which is incorrect. This reflects poorly on the employee, and inaccurate information is detrimental to departments and workers throughout the supply chain. Redundant tasks that supply little benefit to the employee or the organization can cause frustration. As stress increases, workers are more likely to make another mistake or suffer an accident.

New mobile data collection tools allow workers in the warehouse to quickly scan barcodes using handheld devices or even voice-picking software. The result is data that is more timely, accurate and less frustrating to collect. Workers can focus on the job that they were hired to do, and managers can build metrics that not only measure how product moves through the supply chain, but identify employees who are working beyond or below expectations.

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