The Supply Chain Benefits From Increased Connectivity

Michael Clark
Thu, Dec 19, 2013

A sustainable supply chain is one that communicates from top to bottom. According to Supply & Demand Chain Executive, increasingly complex supply chains call for solutions and practices that connect suppliers, manufacturers and customers.

One specific way the supply chain manager can increase communication is by treating partners the way he or she would want to be treated. One example of this is integrating technology and sharing feedback about productivity with suppliers. This can help create a supply chain relationship that fosters innovation.

Taking this a step further, the website also suggests looking beyond just first-tier suppliers. Disruptions in the supply chain can occur at any level. An image of what is going on in the supply chain beyond direct suppliers can help prepare a company for a possible disruption, even before it has hit its own suppliers.

Connecting the Supply Chain by Increasing Data Collection
Improving and increasing data collection can help supply chain managers widen their scope of understanding of their companies' operations. Mobile data collection can help track supplies before and after they leave the warehouse, providing that look to second-tier suppliers and a greater connection to the customer.

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