Barcode Scanning Technology Helps Track Lost, Stolen and Damaged Merchandise

Tim Ingles
Fri, Dec 13, 2013

Highlighting the advancements in barcode scanning software and data collection technology, the police force in Northampton, England, is now inviting residents to scan the barcodes of their valuables at police-sponsored scanning events. The item can then be identified in the event of theft, according to The Northampton Herald & Post.

Scanning the barcode of devices like cellphones and similar items will automatically populate databases with information such as the unique serial and IMEI numbers. The information will be entered into the Police National Database, allowing the property to be identified nationwide. If the phone is stolen or lost, it can be returned to the owner who registered the product. 

Tracking Technology Provides Advantages for the Supply Chain
Throughout the supply chain, there are points where merchandise can be lost, stolen or damaged. Barcode scanning software can input data about the product at collection points across the supply chain. Not only can merchandise be identified once it is located, but the point of error can also be established quickly.

Tracking software also provides enormous benefits to companies that may find themselves in a recall situation. If information about each product is collected and updated in real time throughout the supply chain, locating spoiled or damaged merchandise is done more efficiently and effectively.

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