Mobile Apps Prominent IT Trends in 2014

Robert Brice
Mon, Nov 4, 2013

Mobile Data Collection

Enterprise mobile applications and devices have become extremely popular in recent years and will continue to see increased adoption rates, according to a report by Gartner. Through 2018, the mobile workforce will grow much larger, as employees will likely have multiple devices to work with. This should help supply-chain management, as mobile data collection will become far easier to achieve across the company.

Faced with these trends, businesses should put security policies in place to prepare effectively, Gartner said.

"Most companies only have policies for employees accessing their networks through devices that the enterprise owns and manages," the company said. "Set policies to define clear expectations around what they can and can't do. Balance flexibility with confidentiality and privacy requirements."

As far as apps are concerned, Gartner said no single tool will take over for app hosting. Businesses will have to accommodate many different types of smartphones and tablets.

Laurie Sullivan, a writer and analyst for MediaPost, said that many enterprise systems used in manufacturing don't support mobile. This means organizations will have to re-examine their business processes and workflow and possibly upgrade their legacy systems.

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