Skechers Turns to Logistics Software to Manage Main Warehouse

Dustin Caudell
Wed, Jan 2, 2013

At the forefront of the warehouse industry is a recently constructed complex in California used by the Skechers shoe company to more efficiently track and transport shoe shipments around the United States and internationally.

The warehouse serves as the main supply chain hub for the company, through which shipments coming in to the nearby Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are processed and distributed throughout the rest of Skechers's supply chain. As such, the warehouse has to deal with massive volume - American Public Media reported that the location processed 21,000 boxes every hour. To help adequately deal with demand, the warehouse stretches across a half mile of land alongside a major highway in Moreno Valley.

However, in order to deal with both the large volume of supplies in addition to the warehouse's sheer size, Skechers turned to automated data collection methods and other supply chain software solutions to efficiently keep track of everything, Supply Chain Digital reported.

"Somebody may order thirty pairs of shoes, size nine, in blue, and 12 pairs of shoes, size eight, in red, and the equipment has to pick all of these out, out of this huge, half-mile-plus long building," Iddo Benzeevi, the developer of the Skechers warehouse complex, said to APM. He added, "This equipment can pick up everything from a business card, to a big box, on its own. It will identify and understand exactly what it’s picking up."

Skechers COO David Weinberg told the Los Angeles Times that the company equipped their warehouse with automated data collection software to deal with stringent time constraints. Shipments need to arrive at their intended destination in days, and the business cannot afford any lapses in its supply chain which may occur as a result of a lost or bungled shipment from a warehouse error.

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