Toy Company Finds SAP Aids Holiday Season Inventory Tracking

Dustin Caudell
Wed, Dec 12, 2012

A small toy distributor can now easily track its stock and keep a more detailed inventory thanks to an enterprise resource planning software system from SAP. The BBC reported the Canadian company chose the customizable ERP system to better manage its products during the holiday season.

"[It] is developed to really control your inventory, sometimes we have customers that want certain size boxes and labels, that's already included," a company rep told BBC. "Some customers, they want to get eight in a box, they don't want six. [The ERP software] does it really well to pull inventory, recognize what's left in open stock, do your packs, tell you how many boxes you need."

The company reported that not only does SAP keep track of products, but it creates a faster workflow and makes it easier for employees to pack, ship and manage the toys.

Business of all sizes can benefit from ERP software. Columbia Manufacturing, a school-furniture company, recently reported its ERP system not only created more efficient workdays but also reduced operating costs. An Environmental Leader article stated the company reported a daily water bill reduction of 98 percent thanks to its ERP system.

The article stated the solution allows the company to speed up purchasing operations and also forecast future purchases, as well as better manage water use and electricity bills.

A recent survey on ERP systems found that many midsize businesses find the technology helpful in their operations and also prefer their solution to include mobile functionality. Of the U.S. manufacturing and distribution companies with annual revenue between $20 and $30 million, survey respondents by a three-to-one margin said they wanted mobile features in an ERP system.

As a certified SAP mobile solutions provider, RFgen’s SAP mobile software supports real-time voice integration, wireless barcoding and mobile applications.

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