Vanessa Virchow

Vanessa is a senior SAP consultant with over 10-years of experience working with third-party integrations and implementations.

Meet Vanessa

She’s been where you are.

Vanessa began as a shop floor user for a multi-national manufacturing company. She learned the processes and modules for SAP during a version upgrade, where internal and vendor-side meetings had many discussions and moving parts. With that upgrade, the company surveyed three different mobile data collection suppliers, choosing RFgen software as their clear winner. When the company’s SAP developer left shortly after, Vanessa was promoted to SAP Business Analyst where she remained lead contact with RFgen—a role she excelled at for 10-years.

Eventually, Vanessa was ready for something new and exciting. She phoned RFgen Client Applications Director, Mike Davis, who offered her a job.

Vanessa's extensive knowledge of SAP—both front-end and back-end—makes her invaluable to our customers. Her role consists of converting complex SAP functions into one simple solution. Her passion for serving the customer is just one of the many reasons we are glad to have Vanessa on the RFgen team.

I immediately fell in love with how easy it was to implement the RFgen software. But the most attractive feature was the knowledgeable services team that focused on creating custom solutions and effectively supported all our needs. So, when the opportunity presented itself in 2015, I moved from Wisconsin and became part of the incredible RFgen team where I was able to bring my SAP expertise to help RFgen customers.

I am always learning. The more I learn, the better I can solve problems for my customers. - Vanessa Virchow