Tania Sarria

Great project managers don’t just go through the motions. They care. Tania falls right into this category. Her organizational skills along with solid strategic insight helps her efficiently plan, manage and handle details in a way that allows her clients to relax through the project cycle.

Tania has over 20 years’ experience overseeing all phases of technology projects. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to work with clients such as Franklin Templeton, Act-On, and ON24. Tania holds an excellent track record of strong working relationships with owners, engineers, and consultants, resulting in successful client experiences. She also has a broad background in learning and development, customer success, technology projects spanning SaaS/PaaS, cloud, on-premise, system integration (API), and multiple coding languages.

In her role as Project Manager at RFgen, Tania fosters an environment of teamwork and ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance and maintaining morale. Her strong communication and client service skills enhance RFgen’s service-driven management philosophy.

The best thing about working at RFgen is the fact that I can always be myself. We work in good faith here and I can care about my clients and do right by them. My relationship with each customer is real. I enjoy helping my customers embrace technology. My background in service and tech gives me the ability to make systems relevant to their needs. No project can be successful without a cohesive team. Our RFgen team always go over and above to make sure our solutions are complete, and our customers are taken care of.  We share great respect for each other.