Rainer Brueggeman


In his more than 15 years’ experience with the company, Rainer Brueggemann has become RFgen’s expert in Oracle’s JD Edwards ERP and mobile barcoding as a senior ERP consultant. Based in Germany, Rainer also helps facilitate positive international relationships and speaks German, Dutch and English.

Rainer recently took time to speak with us about his work at RFgen and what keeps him energized and excited year after year.

How did you start in your core ERP specialty?

I first received training in 1994 in Denver, Colorado. I started working on the JD Edwards ERP in Germany shortly after that.

How you find RFgen?

When I first learned about mobile barcoding and its positive impacts on the ERP, I started researching more about it and that led me to RFgen. I then met Rob (Robert Brice, President and Chief Technology Officer, DataMAX Software Group, Inc.) and Steve (Steve Pulling, Product Development Director) in 2001 at a tech show in Germany. I started doing RFgen installations in Germany and then worked at our office in El Dorado Hills, California from 2004-2011, moving back to Germany in 2011.

You’ve worked at RFgen for over 15 years. What’s kept you here?

I love how RFgen makes JDE more flexible—it’s much easier to build workflows.

I also have fun working at RFgen. The company takes care of its people and everyone is happy to work here. Rob keeps us all busy and the business is well run.

What do you think makes you most effective in your role as a consultant?

I’m not a typical IT guy. I have a master’s degree in machine building and have business experience. I don’t lose the overview while working on tiny details.

We know obstacles and challenges are a part of implementation. How do you overcome them?

Through collaboration. By working with another consultant or getting someone else involved, I find we can overcome any obstacle or challenge that arises.  

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like motorbiking and travel to the Italian Alps one or two times per year. I also have three cats.

About Rainer

Rainer joined RFgen Software in 2015, first as the VP of the ERP division and now as a Senior ERP Consultant. Prior to joining the company, he worked as a technology consultant for GlaxoSmithKline and as a manager for ProConsult.

I love how RFgen makes JDE more flexible—it’s much easier to build workflows.