Bill Goynes

A teacher at heart, Bill Goynes applies his background in education to teach customers about RFgen’s transformative capabilities and guide them through the implementation process. And with over 20 years of experience working with the JD Edwards ERP, he has a lot to share.

Bill’s people-centric, customer-first approach injects itself in everything he does. “I always try to keep the user in mind while defining workflows” to ensure the best possible outcome from the very beginning, he explains. “It’s the times that we remove the individual person from the equation that we define a poor workflow.”

If a problem does arise, his extensive history has taught him to reach out to his teammates, either at RFgen or client-side, to bring in other narratives and fresh ideas. This collaboration fuels his passion for consulting and helps facilitate the community atmosphere he enjoys.

Bill was first introduced to JD Edwards in 1999 when he was placed on an ERP-selection committee for a prior company. During the implementation stage, he oversaw the installation of the JD Edward’s distribution and logistics modules and helped ensure the ERP’s full data collection functionality. Now, he brings this extensive client-side knowledge to help others extend ERP functionality with RFgen.

His passions outside of work include capturing emotion through photography, listening to live music and spending time outside in the sun with his wife and dogs.

Bill holds a bachelor’s degree in education.

“I like to think the work I do to create a mobile JD Edwards interface allows RFgen users a more efficient, streamlined and easier workday.”